September 23, 2013

Total Body Transformation Challenge

Life has been absolutely CRAZY lately!  Back-to-back-to-back trips for work, moving Adam into his new house, moving his aunt to her new apartment, yard saleing and the Total Body Transformation Challenge!

Two and a half weeks ago I began the Total Body Transformation Challenge through Albany F.I.T. Boot Camp!  The Total Body Transformation Challenge is an 8-week challenge where the staff at Albany F.I.T. provides a weekly meal plan, group support and of course workouts!  Currently I am in the 3rd week and it has been hard with traveling, I haven't been able to eat the meal plan exactly as prescribed but I have been eating SO much more healthy on the past three trips than I have in the past.

The first week was the hardest - no carbs, no sugar and it was essentially a detox; I had a HUGE headache for about 2 days because of it.  Since then the challenge has been essentially a no/low carb, low sugar, high protein diet.  Combined with weekly boot camp workouts and I have been seeing results!  I have also begun to incorporate protein shakes into my diet which has kept me full long and gives me tons of protein.

Like I mentioned - traveling while doing The Challenge has been challenging!  I don't feel that I am getting the maximum results that I could get because while I am eating healthier on the road I am not able to cook or eat the prescribed meal plan; however starting the middle of this week I am back in town for about two week and then after that it is just a couple of quick trips so I feel as though I will be able to stay completely on the wagon and stick to the meal plan.

Wish me continued luck!

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