March 22, 2013

A Saturday In Saratoga

A couple of weekends ago Adam and I headed up to Saratoga Springs, NY for the day.  Saratoga is an awesome town only about 30/45 minutes from Albany; it is most famed for the horse racing that takes place there every August.  Adam when to college in Saratoga so it is always fun to go up there and walk around.  The purpose of the trip was to check out the Adirondack Sport & Fitness Expo and go to dinner at Hattie's with some friends (using a groupon that I had purchased) but in between those we ended up walking up and down Broadway, did some antiquing and had the best coffee at Saratoga Coffee Traders
The Adirondack Sport & Fitness Expo was a lot of fun, we walked around and checked out everything hiking, camping, biking and kayak!  If you were in the market for any equipment surrounding those sports it was the place to be!  After checking out the expo we walked around Broadway - there are a ton of great shops but one of my favorites had to be the Saratoga Olive Oil Company.  This place has every kind of olive oil and balsamic imaginable!  And the best part, they provide little pieced of bread and you can taste each one of them.  I ended up buying a butter olive oil - not only was it delicious but it is also vegan and can be used in place of butter - I figured it would go great on pasta and veggies in place of butter - I tried it out the other night and boy was I right, it was freaking delicious!
After purchasing the amazing olive oil we headed to an awesome little antique shop where I was on the hunt for Pyrex dishes (thank you mother for instilling this in me).  I have a bunch of Pyrex and the older stuff is becoming harder and harder to find.  I ended up finding various nesting bowls but never a complete set, I was just about to give up when I located a dark green mixing bowl!  I have the exact same bowl in a slightly larger size so clearly I had to purchase it's mate!

Following my Pyrex find we stopped into a couple of more stores and then headed back to Broadway through Congress Park.  It is a nice little park and gorgeous in the summer but on that day it was dingy and muddy from all the melting snow - luckily that didn't stop a TON of ducks and geese from gathering.  There were so many of them they were just walking in and around the crowds not caring that their were people in their way.
Hey ducks!
Last stop on the agenda before heading back to meet up with our friends was to get some coffee and I must say that by this point I needed a pick me up.  I was debating what to get until I heard the lady in front of me order a french toast latte - sold!  It was amazing - best latte I have ever had and with good reason I'm sure it was chalk full of calories, but I got a small and enjoyed every bit of it.  Saratoga Coffee Traders is a pretty awesome coffee shop located right on Broadway in downtown Saratoga; they have a ton of fair trade coffee and make really interesting lattes (hence the french toast latte).

Hello deliciousness - french toast latte!
Ha!  Probably one of my favorite pictures of Adam.

Later on that night we headed to Hattie's for dinner which is a great southern-style restaurant in Saratoga.  I ordered the chicken and dumplings while Adam got the fried chicken - our meals were delicious; Hattie's is one of my favorite places to eat whenever I'm in the area.  After that we headed back and watched Sinister - talk about a creepy movie!  Overall a pretty awesome way to spend a Saturday!

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