July 29, 2013

F.I.T. Boot Camp

Well, I did it.  I joined Albany F.I.T. Boot Camps and my credit card is still smoking from the purchase but I am now about three weeks in (had to take a week off for travel) and it has been absolutely awesome!  At the beginning of June my neighbor Jamie convinced me to sign up for the one week free trial; she has been doing boot camp since last January and has lost a TON of weight.  I figured what the heck, I'll give it a try and that'll be that.  I wrong!  After the first class I was completely addicted.  Boot camp is not your typical workout - if you are not familiar I would probably compare it to crossfit, minus a lot of the olympic lifting.  We push sleds, squat for days and do combination lifts like you wouldn't believe!
Since I was an athlete in college and more importantly a power lifter this type of workout is right up my ally - group fitness, small classes with a trainer motivating you all the way.  Since graduating I have worked hard to find what I really like to do workout wise - I've run a bunch of races, fell in love with spinning and doing a lot of hot yoga but I never incorporated lifted.  I think apart of me felt that if I started lifting again I would immediately bulk or my back would start to hurt like it did in college.  I expressed this thought to the trainer during my trial week his response was "are you still eating at the dining hall?"  I was slightly confused for a moment but then I realized - aha! no I am not still eating like it I did when I was in college. 
So long story short I signed up for boot camp for the next 8 months and have been loving the workouts ever since.  I still spin or run on my 'off days' but for the most part I have been purely boot camp focused.  I also signed up for an 8 week challenge where F.I.T. will provide you with a meal plan, small nutritional groups and all kinds of other support to keep you on track with the hope that over those 8 weeks clients can reach their fitness goals.  The challenge will start in early September but until then I am focused on working hard during boot camp and eating healthy, balanced meals.
F.I.T. Boot Camps in Albany

Sleds - one of the toughest things we do!

TRX bands - so many different exercises can be done with these bands.

Box jumps!

Kettle bells, dumb bells and weights ... oh my!

White board where our workouts are posted everyday!

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