July 15, 2013


A bunch of little things have been happening and even though some may deserve their own blog post I decided to do one big hodgepodge post to let you know a few things that have been going on - so here we go!
For a long time now I have heard people rave about Honest Weight Food Co-Op here in Albany.  I know people who volunteer there, people who do pretty much all their shopping there and others who go on a pretty regular basis.  The co-op just moved into a brand new, state of the art building; previously it had been located in a not so great section of town with bad parking and overall a pretty unwelcoming exterior, but now that they have moved their building is pretty fabulous!  For as much as I have heard about the co-op I had never gone, so last week we decided that we needed to head over and check it out - I was blown away!  Yes everything is a little more pricey because it is all organic and straight from the farm but their selection was AWESOME!  I particularly loved all the 'bulk' items - coffees, flours, spices, grains, pastas - you name it, they probably have it in bulk!  I picked up a few things on our first trip - almond milk, some organic strawberries and a few things from the bulk section (I am forever on a search to find a 'good' replacement for white pasta).  So all in all my first trip to the co-op was a MAJOR success and I am looking forward to going back.
New sign for a new building and location!
We have been rocking the farmer's market lately.  Despite being such a small community Delmar has an AWESOME farmer's market every Saturday.  Adam typically buys greens for his weekly salads and I will pick up whatever strikes my fancy - this weekend that happened to be squash, zucchini and cherries (hands down the best cherries I have ever had).  Also represented at the farmer's market is The Peanut Principle which is a local peanut butter company out of Cohoes.  I always feel somewhat bad because I feel like I always sample from this lady but never buy anything, so about two weeks ago I pulled the trigger and bought the Very Berry Peanut - next up I think I will try her Cinnamon Almond Butter!

I came back the other day to find the cat asleep under the coffee table with one paw on his beloved hedgehog - seriously, the cat cuddles with this thing, it's cute but sort of strange.
 Kitty-Bumpkins and his hedgehog!

I have been having 'fun' with arts & crafts at work as of late.  The map below shows where SOAR is and is not active in NY - we have a BIG NYS SOAR meeting on Wednesday and I am thinking that a nice visual representations of where we need to focus our attention would be most helpful.  ;)
Saturday before the movies we were walking around the mall and went into the pet store - there we found this ferret, completely passed out (no he was not dead) half in and half out of his little sleeping sling!
 That is one happy/exhausted ferrett!

Sunday we headed up to Saratoga to watch a friend/co-worker skydive!  She had a great time and it was crazy to actually watch them free fall then parachute to the ground.  I don't know if I would be up for ever skydiving but she said it was awesome and that she would do it again in a heartbeat!
Before leaving Saratoga we decided to stop by Hattie's Chicken Shack for lunch.  Hattie's is famous in Saratoga for delicious Southern food and the Chicken Shack is an offshoot of the main restaurant where they serve their AMAZING chicken sandwich.  I had never had the sandwich before but Adam raves about it and always makes sure to get one when he goes to the Saratoga Race Track.  So we stopped by Hattie's for lunch, order the famous chicken sandwich and it did not disappoint.  It was also HUGE!  A boneless chicken thigh on a bun topped with coleslaw - you didn't even need the fries!  Hattie's also has a great back story and their founder (Hattie) lived a pretty interesting life - her story is printed on a large placard in the restaurant!
Home of Southern Louisiana
 THE chicken sandwich!

So those are some random happenings as of late - Happy Monday!

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