June 26, 2012


This past weekend I traveled to Pennsylvania to meet up with my mother and visit my grandparents.  We also attended a (very) large family reunion, did some shopping, yard saleing and ate at possibly the best ice cream shop ever!  
Here are some pictures from the weekend.
The day after the verdict.  My grandparents live about a half an hour from Bellefont and the entire area around where they live is practically Penn State country so the verdict was a big deal.
Apparently everyone in my family has a thing for chickens - of any kind.
The name of the 'farm' where my grandmother grew up.
The farm has been in my grandmother's family for years - no one lives there now and in fact it is quite creepy/interesting inside - dirty floor basement, old appliances and ghost stories!
I would say that there were about 130 people at this reunion and I knew about 8 - I'm not necessarily related to all of them, more a relation via multiple marriages - but nonetheless it was interesting to see so many people.
And my mother found a puppy - my father and sister begged her to bring it home.
 Yesterday I had jury duty and it was really a lot of fun!  I wish I would have been picked because it would have been a pretty interesting case.  Maybe next time.

Happy week!

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