June 3, 2012

Running & Moving

Wow this weekend has been busy, but also very exciting!  I am officially moved into my new apartment and I ran Freihofer's Run for Women with a 4+ minute PR!  Friday I attended the Health & Fitness Expo that is sponsored by Freihofer's (Freihofer's is a big baking company in the Northeast - mainly known for their breads and cookies - which are way too delicious).  It was a lot of fun to walk around, get free stuff and I picked up my bib number and free box of cookies.   

Bib number & cookies!
I woke up Saturday (race day) to RAIN!  Luckily it only drizzled prior to the race and more or less stopped during - it was just wet - which luckily kept the temperature down but the humidity up.  There were approximately 4,000 women that ran the race, including a ton of Olympians!  I ended up running the 5K in 33:53 which was a 4 minute and 25 second PR from last year.  Still not great (I have off my working out game these past two months) but I was still happy with it!  (More pictures of the race to come later!)

After the race I went to pick up the UHaul cargo van for the second part of the day - MOVING!  I had pretty much moved everything into my new apartment except for the 'big stuff'; but with some amazing help we were able to move all the big things (chair and a half, bed, dresser, etc ...), pick up a second chair and a half and deliver a couch all in 4 trips!  The move took the majority of the afternoon and of course it rained and/or misted the entire time but I am so happy to have everything moved!  Once everything was into my new apartment I spent a couple of hours setting up and putting stuff away - I still have a lot to do but here are some pictures so far!

Living room with the two half and a halves.  The couch would not fit up the steps so I decided to keep the chair and a half and purchase a second one.
Kitchen!  Not as much counter space as the old place but the appliances are MUCH nicer.
Kitchen with the table and cute window.
IKEA desk for my home office - in near perfect condition, bought used for $50 off of Craigslist - what a deal!
And happy 100,000 miles to my car!  I missed the actual rollover but this is pretty close.

I am going to continue to unpack/put away and then later I plan on seeing Snow White and the Huntsman!  Happy Sunday!

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