July 16, 2012

Carly Came To Town

One of my best friends from college, the fabulous Ms. Carly Morse came to town this past weekend and we had a blast!  Many nights were spent out on the town, we did some shopping and even hit up the "beach" (read: lake) at Lake Taghkanic State Park.

Our weekend in pictures!
Carly in a shoe.
Me in a shoe.
The Albany Pump Station for dinner!
Waiting to  be seated for dinner.
Visiting the Empire State Plaza.
Night out #1 on Lark Street - Lark Tavern
Cafe Hollywood
Apparently I look good in 'hats' or at least so said the man buying us drinks!
Saturday at Lake Taghkanic with a stuffed moose lifeguard - obviously a picture needed to be taken!
Lake Taghkanic
Or as Carly would say ... New York's version of a beach ... a lake.
Us at the beach!
Being gangster at the beach!
Night out #2 on Pearl Street - Carly dressed me!
Typical/pre - going out picture!
And Sunday we went to hot yoga, did a little shopping and I got my hair cut!
 Such a fun weekend!  Thank you Carly for gracing me with your presence!

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