July 19, 2012

Things That Are Super Cool - Lately

This is the second edition of a post entitled 'Things That Are Super Cool'!  It's pretty self explanatory (and I may try to keep it up on a regular basis) but basically it is a combination of the little things that are happening in my life  that make me happy.  
So here we go!

Movies are pretty cool right now.  Tuesday night I saw 'Savages' - a movie that I would not ordinarily see but I was very happy that I did.  I would give it 1 and 3/4 thumbs up!  It was directed by Oliver Stone (of 'JFK' fame) and you could definitely tell.  It has some twists and turns, some pretty gruesome scenes (can you say an eyeball being taken out of its socket by a whip) and a good ending!  Definitely worth going to see or renting when it comes out on DVD.

I will also be going to see the new Batman this weekend - in IMAX - I'm pretty excited and I'll be sure to report back!

Working from home
 Working from home every now and then is really great!  About once a week (typically Thursday mornings) I try to work from home.  It is a great way to "sleep in", do work from my chair and a half while drinking coffee and just get a break from the general craziness of the ADC.  Working from home gives me a chance to catch up on my case notes, make calls without being interrupted and organize my work life.  And who doesn't love being able to work in their pajamas!

 Two big openings are happening in Albany within the couple of two weeks.  We are getting a NY style Jewish deli called Nosh and a Trader Joe's!  The deli is within walking distance of my apartment and it promises to be authentic and amazing - I'm definitely looking forward to giving it a try.  

Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE LOVE LOVE Trader Joe's and that I have been waiting for one to open in Albany.  For the past three years I have made the drive to the nearest TJs in South Hadley, MA many times or made it a point to stop at a TJs when I was out of town, but now I will only have to travel a few miles down the road!  Albany's very own Trader Joe's opens August 3rd and I could not be more excited!

 My new apartment is awesome - I absolutely love living here!  My old apartment was fine but I never realized how much light I didn't have until I moved here - now I have big windows and a bunch of them!  I am also on the second floor (previously I was on the ground floor) which not only makes me feel safer, it's quieter and I can also leave my windows 'open'.  My new apartment also has an office which is great for when I work from home, newer kitchen appliances and (in my opinion) a better location - and about $200 cheaper a month!

 Work is not always super cool - I have challenging clients, a supervisor who I have my differences with and I deal with a very sick yet very entitled population, but in the grand scheme of things I know I am doing good work and that makes what I do 'super cool'.

Having A/C right  now is pretty much the best thing ever.  It has been HOT and DRY up here - which is not the norm.  Most houses and apartments do not have central air and either rely on window units or no A/C at all.  Typically A/C is not needed THAT much in Albany - you may have a few hot weeks during the year, but it's nothing like what we are currently experiencing.  For that reason I A/C is super cool at the moment!  

So those are some things in my life that are 'super cool' right now!  
Happy almost weekend!

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