July 5, 2012

Fabulous Fourth

Yesterday was awesome - pretty much one of the best days ever!  The most 'disappointing' part of the day was the morning; I ran the Saratoga Firecracker 4 Miler and it was more or less just a rough experience all around.  I will admit that I did not train for this race like I should have, I signed up on a whim and figured it wouldn't be too bad, well ... I was wrong.  It was VERY hot and VERY humid so between the heat, humidity, my lack of training and a couple other factors (such as either very warm or no water at the water stations) the race was not my best performance.  Oh well - there's always next year and I will be sure to be better prepared for my next race.

After the race we walked around Saratoga Springs, which is an awesome, yet very pricey town.  Main street was hoppin' after the race and they even had a little 4th of July parade.  After walking around downtown I was treated to a tour of Skidmore College which is also in Saratoga Springs and has a very pretty campus.  After completing the tour we headed back to Albany for some lunch, a shower and a little relaxation before the second part of the day.

For the rest of the day we headed down to Kinderhook Lake which is down near Hudson, NY for a cookout and an awesome time on the lake!  There was a fabulous mix of people at the lake house and we ended up chatting, eating, swimming in the lake and boating.  Get ready for an excessive amount of boating pictures! 
Kinderhook Lake!
Boat wake.
Cute houses along the lake.
Approaching a bridge/tunnel.
Look closely, it says 1914.
Adam on the boat.
Me - obviously very excited to be on a boat.

After a day of running, boating, sitting in the sun, swimming and eating lots of good food - by the end of the day I was completely spent.  The idea of going to see the fireworks in downtown Albany crossed my mind but we opted for watching the Washington D.C. and NYC ones on TV.  All in all - a pretty fabulous 4th of July!

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