August 6, 2012

Brandi Carlile, Rochester, Trader Joe's & Vermont ... oh my!

Work and life have been busy lately!  Last Wednesday we went to see Brandi Carlile at The Egg in Albany and the concert was AMAZING!  The Barr Brothers opened for her and they played everything from the electronic harp, to the spoons and even a banjo and a cow bell!  After that Brandi Carlile rocked the house!  It was an awesome mix of her earlier stuff (more rock) and her new album which is more blue grassy.  They even covered Bohemian Rhapsody and did a three song encore!  The best part of the show was when the entire band unplugged their instruments and mics, walked to the front of the stage and did a completely acoustic song!  I don't know that many artists/bands would do something like that but it was great!  I would definitely go see her again when/if she comes back around.  Next concert up is Real Estate at MASS MoCA in North Adams, MA 
on Thursday!
The Egg Hart Auditorium - we were in the last row but still had a great view!
Singing and playing completely acoustic at the front of the stage.
 Wednesday was a late night because of the concert but Thursday morning at 5:30 AM it as off to Rochester, NY for work.  This is the second time that I have traveled to Rochester for work in the past couple of months (I secretly wish that we had a satellite program in Hawaii or the OBX instead of western NY, but oh well travel is travel).  The work meetings went really well and the hotel we stayed in was nice so I was able to relax in the pool/hot tub, hit up Wegmans for a sushi dinner and there was even a frozen yogurt place within walking distance of the hotel - yay!
Wegmans ... one of Rochester's few redeeming values!
Yolickity ... interesting name for a yogurt bar.
Friday something epic occurred in Albany ... Trader Joe's (finally) opened its doors!!  I have been waiting for this for years!  Trader Joe's was always one of the few things that I really miss living in New York (with Chik-Fil-A and Wawa also making the list) but now we have one of our own!  It opened Friday at 8 AM but I decided to go around lunch time on Saturday.  I was prepared to park blocks away and spend hours in the store but I was able to drive right up, park and spent about 45 minutes browsing and purchasing.  I will definitely have to go back sometime soon, it was getting crowded and I feel like I missed some things.  They have an awesome selection and I was so happy to not have to stock up because now I can go back whenever I like!
Trader Joe's Albany!
And lastly Vermont!  I really like Vermont.  For it being so close (about 30 minutes from my apartment) I do not go there nearly enough.  It is so pretty and mountainous and all the towns I have visited are gorgeous and quaint!  Yesterday we went up to Manchester, VT where they have a bunch of outlets as well as the most awesome locally owned bookstore, Northshire Bookstore.  I found a couple of pretty dresses and a few good pieces for work - all super discounted!  All in all a great trip and it is always fun to go to Vermont, I should really go there more often!
Location of Manchester, Vermont!
The entire state pretty much looks like this!
 I hope everyone has a fabulous and productive week!

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