August 10, 2012


Last night we headed out to MASS MoCA in North Adams, Massachusetts to see the band Real Estate.  The best way I can categorize this band is 'dream poppy' but the venue was awesome!  MASS MoCA is basically a huge warehouse that has a museum and incorporates a lot of modern art.  I definitely want to go back sometime to see the exhibits and walk around.  The town of North Adams has a very small town feel, is very historic and is only about an hour and twenty minutes from Albany - over a pretty windy mountain I may add.  Here are some pictures from MASS MoCA!

MASS MoCA sign on top of the warehouse museum.
Advertisements for upcoming shows and exhibits.
Go this way!
Art?  Weird carousel looking thing.
Upside down trees!  So cool!
Real Estate playing in the warehouse venue!
 A few other cool things happened this week.  Wednesday I hit up the veggie mobile and got a TON of fruit for next to nothing and some of it was even free!  I have been on a little bit of a fruit overload this week.

And this excellent meal occurred!  Salmon in a maple glaze and zucchini sauteed with basil and mint - yum!

I also passed my benefits exam through Cornell University!!  This is a huge deal for me as it was a super challenging course and the second time I had to take the test - but I passed and now I am a certified benefits practitioner!  Over the course of the next year I have to complete a practicum, which is more of less handling the benefits advisement for a real client, but once that is complete I will be forever certificated!  Talk about a resume builder!

Happy Friday!!

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