August 19, 2012

Fair! Fair! Fair!

Saturday we went to the 2012 Altamont Fair - I was beyond excited and the fair did not disappointment!  Where I grew up (Clarke County, VA) the fair was a HUGE deal!  But since leaving Virginia I had not been to a fair so this was long over due!  It was a gorgeous day - not too hot, a nice breeze and sunny!  Overall it was a great day and I had SO much fun - the highlights ... the animals, the food (awful for you yet delicious!), the shows and the ferris wheel!  Get ready for fair picture overload!
Sky and a view of the mountains at the entrance to the fair.
Alpacas!  So cute!
Oh ... well hello there goat.
And another!
Awesome sign.
Baby goat!
Yes there was a giraffe at the fair!!
I guess mutant things are a staple at any fair.
Chicken ... not mutant.
"I bite!"
"I eat children!  That's how I got so big!"
Ferris wheel!
View of the fair from the top of the ferris wheel!
At the top of the ferris wheel!

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  1. I went to that fair every year growing up! so glad you had fun!
    PS: Enjoy your Cheribundi!