April 22, 2013

Old School Fitness Trail

A couple of weeks ago was the first weekend when we had semi-nice weather in Albany.  Despite being pretty windy on Sunday the sun was shining!  We also had some visitors that weekend in the form of identical twin four year olds which meant that despite the wind we needed to go to the park!  We headed over to the Elm Avenue Park.  While at the park I discovered an old school fitness trail.  I was stoked!  I am always excited when I find a new place to run but I was even more excited that it was part of a fitness trail.  I remember the park in my hometown having a trail like this and to make it even more of a coincidence the playground adjacent to the fitness trail was the exact same style and layout as the playground next to the fitness trail in my hometown.  Talk about coincidence!  The fitness trail was comprised of two loops which made up a 2.3 mile trail - there were also 20 exercise states with 32 different exercises.  The stops were nothing fancy - wooden signs with instructions accompanied by wooden/metal 'equipment' and instructions for 'training' and 'competition' participants.  The trail also ran along a creek and will be really nice in the summer.  When I was there it was still a little muddy from the melting snow and the creek was looking somewhat dismal.  I ended up running one of the loops a few times and while I didn't actually do the exercises I told Adam that I definitely wanted to come back when it was warmer and do the whole thing!
Start of the trail - explaining the stations.
 Looking out from the start!

 Station #8 - stretching!

 Station #9 - still stretching!

 Time for some abs!

 I'm not completely sure what is supposed to happen at this station.
 Parallel bars for dips!
 Stumps for leg raises!
After my run I headed back to the playground - my inner child was so excited!


  1. I had no idea that trail existed! cool.

    1. Yes! It was a great find - you should definitely check it out sometime!