August 28, 2011

Hurricane Sunday!!

So there's a hurricane.  And it seems like everyone in Albany is freaking out!  I went to the store Friday afternoon to do some grocery shopping and I will admit, look for a flashlight and get a bottle of water (just in case armageddon did strike) and the store was absolutely crazy!  Between hurricane prep and UAlbany moving back to down the day before the store was insane!  Granted it has been raining pretty hard most of the day and night and one pretty big tree fell about 20 feet from my building, but overall the storm has not been that bad, definitely not as bad as everyone was saying.  

So my hurricane Sunday has been extremely productive - couponing, coffee, cleaned my entire apartment, laundry, cooked a (vegan friendly) dinner, baked challah and continued getting a jump start on my school work.  

Light red kidney beans, 4 different types/colors of peppers, onion and various seasonings - to be served over rice!

This weekend I have also been reading The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone and it is VERY interesting!  I recommend it to anyone!  I am not considering becoming a vegan but it is interesting to think about what you are putting in your body and the effects it may be having on your life, the environment and the planet!

School begins tomorrow night - Transportation History and Policy, should be interesting!

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