August 16, 2011

So I've been told I should blog...

I am famous for cooking elaborate meals, taking pictures throughout the process and then sending a picture of the finished product to my friends which more often than not will leave them drooling.  After about a year of this a friend suggested I should blog.  So here goes nothing!

So how would I describe myself...
I am a fun simple girl from Virginia who moved to New York two years ago.  I work for a non-profit and go to graduate school.  Having retired from collegiate throwing I now run and train for 5Ks (hopefully a 10K soon!).  I also love to cook and coupon!  I love road trips and exploring new places and small towns!  I have an extensive magnet collection representing the places I have traveled - I want it to keep growing!

What this blog will focus on...
Graduate school and my crazy job!
My ever changing and evolving thoughts on politics, New York and the environment!
And anything and everything in between!

Ashley, Me and Carly - June 2011

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  1. Oh man I'm so pumped!! You are already in my Google Reader :)