March 3, 2012

Cross Country Skiing & New Digs

A couple of months ago I purchased a deal from 'Living Social' to go cross country skiing!  Unfortunately there has not been much snow this winter but this past week we did get enough to make it possible for me to go skiing!  

Let me just say ... I am SO sore, SO tired, it was SUCH hard work and it was SO much fun!!  I think I may have found my new favorite winter activity!  This morning I headed to Pineridge Cross Country Ski Area which is about 45 minutes from my house.  I had no clue what to expect considering I have never so much as looked at a pair of skis and considered using them.  I got my boots and skis and headed to the 'practice' area; as soon as I clicked on my skis ... I fell over.  I ended up falling a lot in those first two hours but it was well worth it.  I started getting the hang of it and eventually I went down a hill that probably couldn't even be considered a bunny slope but to me it might as well have been Mt. Everest.  After I 'mastered' the less than bunny slope and got to the point where I could go a while without falling I took a little break and then headed out to the trails!  I skied up and down the trails and only fell a handful of times!  

Here are some pictures of my cross country skiing adventure ...  
Skis & Poles
The 'hill' that might as well have been Mt. Everest!
Signs along the trails
Poestenkill Creek along one of the trails
More of Poestenkill Creek
And in other news I am VERY close to leasing this fabulous place!  
 The lease on my current apartment ends June 1st and I have been considering moving for a while now.  I would like to be closer to work and therefore also closer to downtown Albany but above all I would like to pay less rent!  This place is only about 2 miles from where I live now but significantly cheaper - which is awesome because it is definitely hard to find a great affordable place in the area where I live.  More pictures will come later!  

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