March 18, 2012

Thatcher Park

It was beautiful this weekend - both Saturday and Sunday! Saturday I ran the UAlbany loop in record time and today I decided to head up to Thatcher Park which is about 25 minutes outside of Albany. There are tons of trails and an amazing scenic overlook and while I only explored one of the trails I know I will definitely be going back in the future! 
Here are some pictures ...

 I am now also the very proud and happy owner of a brand new iPad 2! This past week my computer completely bit the dust and since I will soon be getting a work laptop that will be Microsoft compatible I really just needed something to use at home and the iPad was it! To say it is an amazing piece of technology would be an understatement! It is SO cool and I have been playing with it all weekend! This is also my first blog post using the iPad!

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