April 9, 2012

A Very Veg Easter

This year I decided to (stay home and) cook a vegetarian Easter dinner - it may sounds like I set out to do this on purpose and in some ways I did - but in reality I just didn't want to cook a ham.  Therefore my Easter dinner consisted of scalloped potatoes, spicy slow cooked green beans, deviled eggs, fresh baked challah bread and milk chocolate cheesecake peanut butter brownies!  Since one of my good friends had to work and his family is also far away I packed up the dinner, headed over to Troy and we enjoyed a nice Easter dinner in the lobby of the hotel where he works!

Deviled eggs!

This weekend I also began the process of packing/giving away 'stuff' that has been accumulating in my apartment for the past two years.  I am determined to get rid of things that I do not use, need or wear and this was merely the first step.  I ended up taking an entire car load of items over to the thrift store that the ADC owns.

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