April 6, 2012

I Apologize for Being MIA (Like Paper Planes)

But the truth of the matter is, it's sort of hard to blog on an iPad - there I said it - the iPad has ONE flaw!  Otherwise, it is pretty much amazing.  One other advantage to the iPad is that I have become an avid reader - I love the Kindle app!  My book choices have been pretty interesting, I am either reading complete 'Cheetos for the brain' books or political books analyzing the 2012 race.  This is very similar to my choice of television which typically (if not always) includes either watching NBC/MSNBC News ... or Bravo.  

So what has been going on ... work, working out, finishing up grad school, work, yoga'ing, work, traveling and even more work.  My grant (Foundations For Living) is finally starting to get off the ground and we are very close to being able to enroll clients in the housing and/or employment programs.  I am being challenged everyday which I love and I am beginning to realize more and more that I am doing some very cutting edge work.  This program is a national model grant and we are responsible for ensuring that it is both functional and successful and if we are able to do so the program may be launched on the national stage!  I have really been tasked with taking the bull by the horns and getting this grant off the ground which has included meeting with various agencies around the Capital Region, writing policies, meeting with clients, presenting at functions, studying to become a benefits practitioner and trying to learn everything there is to know about housing and employment relating to PLWA/H.

So enough about work.  Last weekend I went to Vermont for the first time!  The Vermont state line is only about 30 minutes from where I live but after nearly three years of living in Albany I have never been.  The destination was Bennington and then Manchester to do some shopping.  Vermont is SO pretty and even though I was only about an hour or two from Albany it seemed like I was worlds away.  It had a very small town feel which I LOVED!  Here are some pictures ... 

I was super excited about the cover bridges!
So much so that I had to take a picture underneath one!
I found a creepy pumpkin which of course needed its picture taken!

And despite my hopes that I would be a millionaire by the end of the trip - no such luck.
And lastly - my mother requested some real Vermont maple syrup!

In other (less exciting news) I am pumped about moving into my new place - so much so that I put in a request to end my lease a month early at my current apartment.  I am super excited to have a fresh start in a new place, pay less rent and set up an actual home office!  I am currently obsessed with the band Green River Ordinance and their new album Under Fire - you should check it out!  And I have also started Tweeting again - I have found myself diving into nearly ever outlet of facet media (blogging, Twitter, LinkedIn) except the most popular one - Facebook, but that's okay - I am perfectly happy being Facebook free! 

Have a fabulous Easter weekend - who knows what I'll be doing but whatever it is I'll be sure to blog about it!

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