May 21, 2012

Masters Degree

I officially have my Masters!!  It has been a VERY LONG three years but I finally have it!  My degree is an M.A. in Women's Studies with a concentration in Women in Public Policy & Politics.  I would be lying if I said I enjoyed my time at UAlbany but in the end I am happy that I have my Masters.  I knew that if I did not go to graduate school right after undergraduate I would never go back so for the past three years I went to school part time and worked full time.  Two weeks ago I finished my Master's final which consisted of writing two (long) essays based on the 30 or so books that I read over the past two semesters and then last week I presented the essays (and was grilled by a committee of professors) at the oral examination.  It was hard and stressful but it is over and I am now Abigail Lemon, M.A.!  Yay! 


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  1. Abby, congratulations!!! That sounds intense. Will you be staying in Albany, or moving elsewhere? Should we now call you a/the Master of Politics? ;)