May 9, 2012

Wine, Movies, Tofu and ... Rochester?

Wow it has been a while since I last blogged, I promise to try and do better - life has been crazy lately!  Work is going well but is also ubber stressful, we launched the program this week and I have been inundated with referrals for potential clients; I also traveled to Rochester, NY earlier in the week for a series of meetings and now that I am back with a to do list that seems to be about a mile long!  

 So about two weekends ago my friend Rebecca decided that it was time for her to use a Groupon that she had purchased a while back for a vineyard tour and wine tasting at Robibero Family Vineyard in New Paltz, New York.  I had never been to New Paltz, which is about an hour and a half south of Albany.  It is a small college town with a definite hipster vibe; lots of locally owned shops, amazing food (we ended up eating at Mexicali Blues which had AMAZING chips and guacamole) and a downtown that is great for walking around.  The tour and tasting was fun, I am not that much of a wine girl but I would definitely say that wine is growing on me.  The best part of the trip though was sitting on the porch with my friends overlooking the vineyard while we drank wine and caught up!

Barrels o'wine
Awesome magnet
View from the porch of the vineyard, and the Catskills
 Fast forward to last weekend and an awesome celebration of cinco de mayo!  To celebrate I made some delicious chicken enchiladas which I sauteed with taco seasoning, black beans and a little green peppers and onions and although I failed to take a picture, they looked a whole lot like this.

After the enchiladas it was off to see The Avengers!  It was my first time seeing a 3-D movie and although I have never been big into 'super hero movies' it did not disappoint!

And lastly I cannot forget to blog about my latest creation - a chocolate peanut butter tofu pie!  It was awesome and you would NEVER know that it was made from tofu (trust me I tested the theory ... twice).  It was very dense so you only needed a little piece to fill you up and if I make it again I may try using tofu that is a little less firm, but here is the recipe and the result!
Recipe!  I used skim milk instead of soy and smooth peanut butter.
Ta-da!  I found some Reese chips in the pantry so I added them to the top.
Happy Wednesday!

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