May 28, 2012


I feel as though I am in a serious state of limbo, with many things.  I am literally in between apartments at the moment.  This was moving weekend, part one.  Practically all my things, with the exception of the living room furniture, bed and TV are at the new apartment - including my entire kitchen!  But, I will not be living there until next Sunday, when I move all the 'big stuff' and the cable/internet will not be turned on in the new place until a week from tomorrow.  So this entire upcoming week I will be in limbo between the two places.  I think the thing that throws me the most is the fact that this week I won't have a kitchen!  I will probably try to head to the new place after work to cook and then come 'home' for the night.

I guess the other state of limbo has to do with employment.  I am in a good place with my job but there are possibilities on the horizon and I would love to know if they will work out, if they do, it will definitely be for the better!  There are other states of limbo happening but at the end of the day I just need to remember that if it is meant to be it'll all workout.

Happy Memorial Day!    

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