September 5, 2012

My Poor Car :(

Yesterday I was in a car accident.  No one was hurt and there was minimal damage (comparatively) but was a very sad day.  I had never been in an accident before so it was scary and somewhat unnerving - I have been white knuckling it on  the wheel ever since!  It happened around 8:30 AM as I was going to work, it was raining which did not help.  The lady I rear ended had to slam on her breaks to narrowly avoided hitting the car in front of her; I unfortunately wasn't able to stop in time and rear ended her.  None of us were going over 10 MPH which undoubtedly reduced the damage.  But because the lady I hit had a Nissan Rouge and because I have a Honda Accord my car basically went under her's.  Hopefully all her car needs is a little paint job but my hood is crunched.  This morning I took my car in to be fixed and was able to get a rental car for work.  Hopefully the repairs won't take too long but they promise to be somewhat costly.  Blah - what a way to start the week.
Sad crumpled little car.  :(
Schnazzy new rental - Dodge Journey.  It ride really nice and I like being up high!

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