September 4, 2012

Nerd Fresh

I hope everyone had a fabulous labor day weekend!  I know I did.  Nothing major happened but it was great to relax, get together with some friends but mainly not have to work on Monday! 

A couple of week ago I entered a contest over at Jen is Green, an awesome blog about Jen, a twenty-something living in Albany, NY who is making majoring strides to maintain a healthy lifestyle through running and eating well.  Her blog is awesome!  She has given me some great recipes and since we both live in Albany I consider her blog somewhat of a guide for fun places to eat and things to do in the area.  Anyway - I entered the contest and won!  I won and entire case of Cheribundi Tart Cherry Juice.  This stuff is awesome.  It has been endorsed by a ton of people and is currently being used by major college athletic programs (W&M - you should get on the wagon!) as a way to recover after a hard workout.  The case came with all the flavors - some I am liking better than others and since they can be intense I have been mixing some of them with some seltzer.  If you have the chance to check out Cheribundi I would HIGHLY recommend it! 
My case of Cheribundi - all different flavors!
A few other things that have been happening.  This weekend we got together with some friends for a Labor Day picnic; I ended up making some awesome potato salad - my father's recipe no less!  It was such a hit at the party I forgot to take a picture.  I'll have to make it again and have a post solely devoted to potato salad - it is THAT good!   On Saturday they were giving away sunflowers at the Delmar Farmer's Market and I was more than happy to grab one.  Doesn't it look awesome!
Sunflowers make every room brighter!

I am also the proud new owner of an awesome bag from Land's End!  I was getting tired of having to use my old college track & field duffel bags whenever I went on a short trip or away for the weekend (I have a larger suitcase but a girl needs something for smaller trips).  So after some searching and research I ended up purchasing an extra large monogrammed canvas bag from Lands End.  The bag is HUGE and (in my opinion) is large enough for three or four days worth of clothes. 
New bag!
This weekend I also earned some major 'girl points'.  For the record - I do not have my ears pieced, up until about half a year ago I never really wore dresses and until a couple of months ago I never really polished my nails.  I have yet to pierce my ears but I have been wearing dresses more and doing my nails.  Next up was selecting a perfume.  My first trip to Sephora was VERY overwhelming but I made it through and selected some samples.  After a few days I believe I have decided on the one I like best!  Acqua di Gioia by Giorgio Armani!

And last but certainly not least - the explanation for the title of this post.  One of my best friends Carly has started a clothing line called Nerd Fresh!  I am so proud of her!  Right now she is selling t-shirts (women's and men's), hats and rubber bracelets!  The shirts are really nice looking and fit very well.  Who knows where her line will end up but I think it is awesome! 
Me wearing Carly's fabulous shirt!

 (If you would like to buy your very own Nerd Fresh shirt e-mail Carly at!)

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