September 10, 2012

Running For My Ovaries

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Delicious homemade pasta caprese!
 (More on that later)

This weekend was lazy - but awesome!  I was feeling somewhat poor after having to pay a rather substantial deductible for my car - but on the bright side I got my car back Saturday morning (5 days before it was supposed to be finished no less) and it looks amazing!  The new hood and front bumper makes it look practically new.  I would definitely recommend the guys over at H&V Collision Center if you ever have the unfortunate need to use them.  Anyway - that sense of monetary deficiency lead to a very relaxing weekend with A LOT of home cooking!  Here was the menu (sadly in my hast to eat it all I failed to take pictures):

Pasta Caprese 
(Made by my wonderful man friend - woot woot for not having to cook. The pasta was  simple and so delicious - the recipe can be found at America's Test Kitchen!)

Homemade Pizza
(Made from all Trader Joe's ingredients.  Did I mention that I love having a Trader Joe's in Albany - it is pretty  much the best thing since sliced bread!)

Grilling time with some delicious hamburgers!

A homemade frittata with turkey sausage, red and green peppers and pepper jack cheese served with toast and jelly - delicious!  Then there was some homemade ranch dip (made with greek yogurt instead of sour cream) for the first Sunday football games.  Dinner was pot roast, cooked all day in a crock pot which not only made the meal delicious but it also made the house smell awesome all day.  And finally for dessert ... homemade apple pie a la mode!

So before I continue I should mention that I did not merely eat all weekend - far from it.  Saturday we did a little fall cleaning and cleaned the entire house top to bottom, ran a bunch of errands and then settled in as a HUGE storm came through the Capital Region and really cooled off the rest of the weekend.  

Sunday was a big day as I competed in the Teal Ribbon 5K which was held in Washington Park to benefit Ovarian Cancer research.  I lovingly said that I was 'running for my ovaries'.  It was a FAST race - two laps around Washington Park with a bunch of hill.  I finished in about the last 40 - 50 people so I thought my time must has been awful but it ended up being 34:20 which was less than a minute off my 5K time at Freihofers Race for Women in June.  I was pretty happy with my time since I have not been doing as much distance running lately (I have been focusing more on intervals and short but high intensity workouts).  However, y 15 year old running mate left me in the dust running her first 5K in 25:02 - congrats Elise!  It was a great event and raised funds for an awesome cause! 

Now it is back to the weekly grind - client and agency meetings, hot yoga and interval training, cooking dinner and trying to relax in between the business!  Hope everyone has a great week!

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