December 7, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

This is the first year since I moved to New York that I decided to have a Christmas tree!  Past years I just wasn’t feeling festive and I would typically travel back to Virginia for the week in between Christmas and New Years, so I figured – what’s the point.  Well this year is different!  My neighbor Jamie used to live in my apartment before moving and she had the perfect little tree.  Since she has moved on to the bigger apartment which has higher ceilings she no longer needed the little tree and passed it on to me – yay!  It is frosted, pre-lit and stands about 4.5’; I’ve decorated wit ith little ball ornaments and I have more to hang.  I love turning off all the lights in my apartment and reading or watching TV with the tree lit – it makes me happy!
In other new I finally have new (to me) TV!  For those of you who don’t know I have rocked my 19” boob tube TV since freshman year of college.  Back then it was the biggest TV on the hall but in the age of flat screens, high definition and a decent paying job my beloved little TV simply won't do.  Now to me a new TV is not that important and I was/still am pretty opposed to the idea of spending $400+ on a new TV so when my neighbor got a new TV and offered to sell me her 30’ flat screen for $100 I said ‘sure’!  The TV is still a ‘boob tube’ but it MUCH bigger than my other one and has HD capabilities.  Not to mention it is really nice!  Adam says it is a definite step but I am 'not there yet’.  Either way – this new addition will do for now and in the mean time I am enjoying watching TV and looking at my Christmas tree!
Love my Christmas tree!
Christmas tree and 'new' TV in my living room!

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