December 21, 2012

Thoughts on '26'

This past Tuesday (December 18th) was my birthday - I turned 26. Since last year I wrote about reflexions on 25, I figured I should do the same for 26.  I should probably begin with what I wrote last year and evaluate how my life has changed over the past year.  Last year I worte:

"Since I am now officially 25 I started thinking ... am I where I thought I would be at 25? And to be honest I don't know if I ever really thought about where I would or should be at this age. I definitely feel like I am lacking in some areas - the majority of my friends are either married, engaged or on their way to being one or the other and are having children, while I am still very much single. I have noticed that this phenomena is more of a cultural/regional thing though; many, if not all of my NY friends are single and loving life while my 'southern' friends are all 'tied down'. But while I am still living the single life I also realized that I am definitely far more advanced in other areas than some/most 25 year olds; I have a great job that I love, an amazing apartment (sans roommate) in a nice part of town, I'm about to graduate from a Master's program without being bogged down by debt, I am getting more fit everyday, I've established myself in a new city/region that 2 years ago I knew nothing about and (for the most part) I am completely self-reliant. So I think that I'm doing pretty well! We'll see what year 25 will bring!"       
Some things have definitely changed!  I feel like I have matured and have become much more sure of myself and my career.  I am much more stable - socially, financically and relationship wise.  So let's break it down - a lot can happen in a year!
1.  I moved!  Into a great little apartment with more space and no noisy upstairs neighbors.  I moved out of a complex (which was a big deal to me because I always viewed a complex as more 'secure') and into a cute little apartment above a law office that costs much less, has more space and is still in a great area.  I also met and have become good friends with my only (and not noisy) neighbor Jamie!
2.  I graduated!  Finally!  That was a long and tough road but I officially have my Masters and am still not 'bogged down' by debt.
3.  I changed jobs ... twice.  Time one and time two.  The first job change was a step in the right direction - I was still working in client services but was running my own housing and employment program.  I thought I was going to love this job and for a (very) short time I did but soon enough my supervisor's true colors were revealed and I was job searching once again.  At that point I knew I no longer wanted to be in client service and I swore to myself that I wouldn't make a lateral move.  So I waited, I applied for a couple of jobs here but never really persued them and then finally applied for the job at PRA - interviewed and gladly accepted!  No more client service, lots of travel and a huge step up career wise!
4.  I am no longer single!  A couple months after turning 25 I met a great guy and we have been going strong ever since - fingers cross it stays that way because he makes me really happy!
5.  Lastly -  I have realized that I should never compare myself to others or feel like I don't measure up because I am in a different phase of life.  Everyone has their own unique journey and so far mine has been pretty good - I have a great job, an awesome boyfriend and an apartment that I am proud of.  
So bring it on '26' - let's see where life takes me this year!

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