August 8, 2013

Adventures in Baltimore, Maryland

The last day of our trip had us saying goodbye to Washington D.C. and heading up to Baltimore to meet up with my parents.  Once we arrived one of the first things we did was go straight to Faidley Seafood in Lexington Market to get crab cakes.  My parents have been raving about how delicious these crab cakes are for years and they did not disappoint!  Hands down probably the BEST crab cake I have ever eaten!

Best crab cake ever!
After downing a couple of crab cakes we were stuffed and ready to walk it off.  Turned out that Edgar Allen Poe's grave site was just up the road from the Lexington Market so we went to check it out.

The Poe House

He was only 26 when he died!  The cemetery was very interesting - many historic graves and more than a few ravens were left in various places.

After seeing Poe's grave we walked back toward Orioles Park at Camden Yards!  We wanted to take a look look at it before game time when it would be super crowded.
Statue of Brooks Robinson and his golden glove!

The 'rents with Cal Ripken Jr.'s #8

The bird!
My favorite baseball player growing up!  (Steroids aside, I still love Raffy)

After walking around the ballpark we walked down to the Inner Harbor!  We did a little shopping, had some ice cream, watched the dragon peddle boats and walked to Fell's Point.

Dragon peddle boats at the Inner Harbor!

Finally it was time for the game!  Red Sox vs. Orioles!  We sat in the bleachers but still had great seats!  It rained a little before the game so the weather cooled down to just the right temperature.  Adam and Elise are HUGE Red Sox fans and of course I grew up watching the Orioles - so while I rocked my newly purchased Orioles t-shirt they were decked out in red and white!  It was a great game but in the end the Red Sox ended up winning 7-3.  Growing up we went to Orioles Park to see games multiple times during the year so it was great to be able to go back as an adult and see a game.

View from our seats!

Two happy Red Sox fans!

After the game we went back to the hotel and crashed - three days of walking around and I was exhausted!  The next day we were up early, said goodbye to my parents and began the long drive back to Albany. 
All in all a GREAT trip to Washington D.C. and Baltimore!

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