August 20, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

We did A LOT this past weekend - much of which is not pictured.  The summer is beginning to wind down which means it is time for the fair!  I love the fair and look forward to it every year!  Where I grew up the fair was a BIG deal - people would take their vacation week to go to the fair.  There are also quite a number of fairs in the area so on Friday we decided to head to the Altamont Fair.  If you're interested you can read about last year's fair experience here!  Given that it was a Friday night the fair was packed!  And even though we stayed away from the rides and had to battle a couple of lines for our favorite fair food I still had a blast!
Warning - get ready for LOTS of pictures of cows!  For some reason I have a thing for the cow barn, it is by far one of my favorite parts of the fair!
It was a beautiful night for the fair! 
Baby cows!  ... eeer calf

Largest cow at the fair!

Really excited to be in the cow barn!
I think this was right after I pet the cow.

Gotta eat a corn dog when you go to the fair!

Saturday we headed up to Manchester, Vermont to do a little shopping!  Elise needed back to school clothes and I was on the hunt for blazers for my upcoming work travels, although after quickly realizing that a decent blazer would run me well over $200 (even at the outlets) I switched the hunt to nice black sweaters.  I ended up getting some pretty amazing deals at the Ann Taylor outlet - $130 dress for $17, yes please!  We ate lunch at The Works an awesome bagel/paninis place in Manchester - I got the 'super chicken' paninis made with all local/organic ingredients - it was fabulous!

Super Chicken Sandwich!
After a day of shopping in Manchester we were starving when we finally made it home - which was fine because before we left that day I put together a pesto pizza with clingie mozzarella - thank you Trader Joe's for your awesome pizza making ingredients!  Pizza and a nice salad definitely hit the spot after a long day of shopping.

Yummy pesto pizza!

Sunday we knew we would be spending the majority of the day helping Adam's aunt clean out her attic and basement - so before that we decided to head over to Five Rivers to walk around.  Five Rivers is one of my favorite places in Delmar and a perfect place if you are looking for a quick and easy walk through tons of nature. 
One of the many trails at Five Rivers.

Everybody wave!

Looks pretty 'scummy' but still a nice walk!
Now it's Tuesday and I already cannot wait for it to be the weekend again - super busy week at work then I am heading to El Paso, Texas on Sunday!

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