October 8, 2013


A lot has been happening !  I have been traveling a ton for work - Mississippi, New York City, western New York and next up will be Michigan, Illinois and a week long local training in Albany.  It seems like the end of summer and the beginning of fall have flown by; here are a couple of things that have been happening lately.  But before we begin, check out this awesome rainbow that was over my house last night!
 Adam moved into a house!  It has been a long time coming and is a pretty major development in his/our life.  The house has been in his family for over half a century and even though it needs A LOT of work we are excited for the challenge.  I don't live there (yet) but I feel like it partly mine and I can't wait to see how the house evolve.
We went to a wedding!  My friend Elise got married in one of the most unique and fun ceremonies I have ever been to.  Elise and I worked at Northeast Parent & Child Society together and she has been one of the few people I've known for the majority of the time I've lived in Albany.  Her wedding was so much fun and we had a great time!

I presented at a statewide conference (NYAPRS)!  It was the first time I had presented at such a large conference and the room was huge (it was also where the 1970s went to die - check out that awesome green vinyl).  Next step - presenting at a national conference!

We saw Josh Ritter at the Troy Savings Bank Music Hall!  We really like going to concerts, we went to a ton last year but for some reason not that many interesting acts have come to the Capital Region or surrounding areas this year - so this was the first concert we had been to in a while.  The Music Hall is famous for it's amazing acoustics and architecture - it really feels like you stepped into the 1910s when you see a show there.

This is very typical of what happens during concert intermission.
We got new desks at work!  They are a lot smaller but really nice and modern.
I bought this bag while in New York City and it was a GREAT investment.  It is a reusable grocery bag that folds up to be no bigger than a pill bottle.  I keep it in my purse and use it all the time now - grocery store, farmer's market or just whenever I need a bag.
Moving is tiring!  We pretty much moved for an entire weekend, so once Sunday came along I curled up under my new Berkshire Blanket with a Sam Adam's Harvest Pumpkin Ale and caught up on some blogs. 
Homemade pulled pork!  Recipe on the blog tomorrow!
Happy Tuesday!

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