October 11, 2013

Total Body Transformation Challenge Update

I am about to wrap up week #5 of the Total Body Transformation Challenge (TBT Challenge) that I have been doing through my (relatively) new gym Albany F.I.T (I blogged about signing up for boot camp here).  So far it has been great - challenging yes, but I have been seeing some great results!  Eating well combined with some crazy intense boot camp classes (I typically go 4 - 5 times a week when I am not traveling) has really been paying off!  I haven't taken any measurements since the start of the challenge but I have hopped on the scale a few times and so far I am down about 10 LBs in 5 weeks! 
Each week of the challenge we are given a meal plan and I have to be honest, I haven't been following it completely - I more or less use the meal plan as a guide throughout the week.  When I travel for work it is nearly impossible to stick to the exact meal plan and let's face it - I like to cook, so I have been coming up with some inventive new recipes while still sticking to the tenants of the challenge.  Another great thing that has come out of the challenge is that I eat SO much healthier when I am on the road!
I think the main reason I haven't been sticking to the meal plan religiously is because I want this to be a long term thing - more of a lifestyle change.  I have to be realistic with myself, if I didn't allow myself to eat any carbs, when the 8 weeks was up I would binge on  them!  So I have been practicing portion control, following the 80/20 rule (more on that later) and using the MyFitnessPal app everyday.  Because of this I understand that I may not lose the 20 - 25 LBs in 8 weeks that is typically associated with fully completing the challenge, but I know I will eventually.  Also, nearly everyone I know who has strictly completed the challenge in the past has gained back all or most of the weight within a few weeks.  So in the meantime I have been working on alternatives to my favorite foods and getting creative in the kitchen!

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