January 19, 2014

A Sad Post

I'm back!  Over the last month and a half I look a slight hiatus from blogging; while I did miss it my lack of blogging was not without reason.  Warning!  This next part is going to be somewhat sad and emotional ...

My grandmother - Mary Jane Betts - passed away December 14, 2013.  She was 76 years old and while her death was not all together unexpected it was sudden.  She had been sick for some time (cancer) and while it contributed it was not what ultimately led to her passing.  When she was initially hospitalized we thought she had more time and that I would be able to make it down to Pennsylvania to say goodbye, that however was not the case.

The funeral and burial were held on my birthday and the viewing the day before.  I was able to take more than half a week off of work and spend the majority of that time in Pennsylvania with my family.  Overall it was a pretty crappy lead up to Christmas.

See my grandmother was a big fan of my blog, she more or less checked it everyday and was always the one to remind me to blog when I hadn't in a while.  We were pretty close, she said I always made her laugh.  So since her passing it has been sort of hard to get excited about blogging again - but I know she would want me to continue.  So I'm back!

Before she passed she bought me a birthday card and placed $27 (my age) in it.  I decided I would take it and buy a year round ornament that I thought best represented her.  After days of looking I found the perfect one!  It hung on  the tree throughout Christmas and it'll hang in my house the rest of the year.

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