January 29, 2014

Simple Sweet Potato + Eggs

I came across this Easy Sweet Potato + Eggs recipe a couple of weeks ago and was stoked to recreate it!  I even went out and bought a Julienne peeler so I could make sweet potato 'noodles'.  The truth is I really don't like eggs, but I try to eat them every now and then.  This recipe was easy and while obviously one of the key ingredients is eggs there is so much other good stuff in it that I really liked this recipe.
Sweet Potato + Eggs
1 medium/large sweet potato
2 eggs
2 - 3 slices turkey bacon (or regular bacon)
1 TBS butter (or other cooking fat)
Cheddar cheese (optional)
Cook the turkey bacon and then set aside ~ while the turkey bacon is cooking peel the sweet potato ~ using a julienne peeler, peel the potatoes, making a pile of sweet potato 'noodles' ~ once the bacon is cooked add the 1 TBS butter and cook the sweet potato 'noodles' (if you like, season the potatoes) ~ once the sweet potatoes have softened transfer them to an oven safe or cast iron skillet ~ place the skillet on the stovetop over medium heat, set up the oven rack and turn oven on to 'Broil' ~ make two wells for the eggs and crack the eggs into the sweet potatoes ~ sprinkle on the chopped turkey bacon ~ once the eggs begin to cook slightly transfer the skillet to the oven ~ cook for approximately 3 - 4 minutes or until the tops of the eggs begin to cook ~ (option - at this point if you would like to add cheese, remove the skillet, sprinkle with cheese and return to the broiler for 1 - 2 minutes) ~ remove, let cool, transfer to a plate and enjoy!

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