October 16, 2011

Odds & Ends (Part II)

In my book Sundays are usually reserved for sleeping in (and/or possible hangover recovery), coffee, couponing, political shows, church, grocery shopping, working out, cooking a fabulous dinner and possibly doing some homework.  I must admit though that one of my favorite parts of any given Sunday is couponing; clipping then comparing the coupons from that and previous weeks to the circular and heading to the grocery store to find the deals!  So here are some of today's deals!

Large laundry detergent - $5.99 per bottle - BOGO - plus $1 off two coupon - essentially $2.50 a bottle!

Suave Professionals Shampoo/Conditioner - 2/$3 - $0.50 off 2 coupon - coupon doubles - $1 a bottle!
Campbell's Soup - 1/$1 - $0.75 off 4 cans - coupon doubles to $1.50 off 4 cans - $0.62 a can!
I have been working on putting together a large donation for the Schenectady Food Pantry for their Thanksgiving food baskets and I found great deals on some needed items!  $0.50/1 can - $0.50 off four cans - coupon doubles to $1 - $0.25 a can!

Continuing from yesterday's post...

The now filled 'bean jar' from the Good Will!
And if you can believe it, my bathroom has gotten worse!

And lastly, I ran across this article in the paper this morning (warning - it is very sad and disturbing), but it goes to one of the points that I have always stated... certain people should be required to take a test before they become parents!  (And if you don't believe me or think my idea is crazy, I encourage you to come sit in the lobby of NPCS for a day.)

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