October 8, 2011

Three Day Weekend! (Sorta)

Most three day weekends do not normally include waking up at 6 AM on a Saturday to meet your boss and co-worker at a diner for breakfast before heading off to the 'hood' of Schenectady to throw an 'Energy Fair' where you give away a free brand new G.E. Whirlpool Energy Efficient refrigerator, however that is exactly what my day included!  

It's sad to say that in the past two weeks (we have had to postpone this event twice due to weather) we have cleaned up Jerry Burrell Park in Hamilton Hill three times and each time we have done so it has been completely trashed the next day, and today was no exception.  I cannot even begin to tell you how many dime bags I have cleaned up over the past two weeks, thousands!!  

Jerry Burrell Park
New playground equipment donated from Albany about a year ago
Cleaning up the park yet again

Jerry Burrell Park has become famous (especially over the past couple of years) for drugs, dealing, crime and even murder.  Today our goal was to bring knowledge of energy efficiency to the neighborhood and we were a little successful.  Not as many people attended as we would have hoped despite free food and ice cream and raffling off a brand new refrigerator but apparently a somewhat famous rapper was in town last night and lets face it, no one in 'The Hill' comes out before 2 PM on a Saturday.  We did get a lot of PR as several news stations and the acting mayor attended.
My boss being interviewed for Albany ABC news 10

The program I run!

So needless to say it was an interesting day, somewhat successful and overall exhausting.  Hopefully the rest of the weekend I will be able to relax, workout and cook/bake something delicious!

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