November 8, 2011

Four Days in Virginia

This past Thursday to Sunday I went to Williamsburg, Virginia for a wedding!  It was great to be back in Virginia, visit my alma mater and spend time with my best friend!  The trip began at 6 AM on Thursday when I arrived at the train station; my train left at 6:30 AM and we traveled to NYC.  After an hour 'lay over' at Penn Station (I am not a fan of Penn Station) I hoped a train for the 9+ hour trip to Williamsburg!

WiFi on the train!  Heck yes!  Made the trip SO much better!
Franklin Field at UPenn (where Penn Relays are held) - oh the memories!
Awesome recipe I found on the train that I plan on making this weekend!
(Somewhat) creepy train pic!
After I arrived in Williamsburg (about an hour late I may add) Dana and I immediately went to Buffalo Wild Wings, sort of a tradition of ours.  After that it was Cold Stone, Trader Joe's and then back to her apartment to relax and catch up.

Friday we decided that it was outlet time!  There I found the best invention for a 'non-native' New Yorker...

This amazing invention would be an ice scrapper placed inside a fuzzy 'Columbia' mitt!  So you hold onto the ice scraper inside the glove so your hand remains warm as your scrap.  Ingenious!  Dana laughed at me because I have never seen one of these before and even she has one - although she hardly ever uses it.

Saturday morning before the wedding I went running around Colonial Williamsburg and William & Mary's campus and it made me realize how much I miss the area!

Campus ...

Looking toward the Sunken Gardens.

The Wren Building
The wedding ...

Inside the Wren Chapel
Wren Chapel

Wedding program.

The happy couple!
The Reception ... 

Cute table card.

Table setting.

Dinner ... so delicious!

Wedding cake ... equally delicious!

And after the wedding and reception ...

My feet hurt!!

After the wedding and a pretty substantial nap, Dana and I decided to go out and watch the LSU/Alabama game at one of Williamsburg's three bars (delis)!

Dana in her 'ho' outfit!

My new favorite beer!  Legend Brown Ale brewed in Richmond, VA!

The long weekend was great despite two 12+ hour train rides!  It was great to see Dana and the wedding was a lot of fun.  Now it's back to the grind!

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