November 18, 2011

We're Building A House!

Wednesday Northeast Parent & Child Society (i.e. where I worked) kicked off a major project that will involve transforming a severely run down house in the Hamilton Hill area of Schenectady into a livable home for a low income family.  The project will be completed by students in NPCS's YouthBuild and Energy Corps programs under the guides of trained construction workers and staff.  While earning their GEDs and various other certifications the students learn construction skills and will gain hands on experience by working on rebuilding this house.  The project is being sponsored by Saint-Gobain which is the largest distributor of construction materials worldwide.   

House that will be reconstructed.
NPCS threw a pretty big ground breaking ceremony and a bunch of dignitaries were in attendance - the mayor, city counsel, representatives from YouthBuild USA and Saint-Gobain International and nearly all the VPs/Directors/CEOs of NPCS.

The 'big check' and floor plans.
Some of the students spoke.
And so did the (interim) mayor.
Then two students broke down the door with the 'golden' sledge hammer.
Taking a look inside.
And me with one of my students - Emmanuel

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