November 11, 2011

My New Addiction!

Hot yoga!  I am addicted!  I have decided that it is pretty much the greatest thing ever!  
There were a couple of reasons why I decided to begin hot yoga - I have been running and spinning a lot lately but I noticed that my flexibility was suffering.  I am not an inherently flexible person and even though I know I should, I do not normally stretch after running.  Second, after about five years of power lifting and a decade of throwing my back has become completely averse to weight lifting; every time I walk by the weights at the gym my back tenses up.  So I figured I needed to find a way to 'weight lift' without actually lifting and yoga seemed like the perfect solution!  And lastly, my workouts seemed to be in a rut and I wanted something different.  Hot yoga has been great and it really fits into my schedule; normally I run or spin in the morning, work all day and then either attend class (grad school) or hot yoga at night.  The place I go to also offers a ton of weekend classes!

The place I go is about 5-8 minutes from my house and is called the The Hot Yoga Spot.  There are a few yoga studios in Albany but this one is the closest to where I live and also offers the best deals.  Because I am a student classes are only $10 a session, instead of the regular $15 and I normally buy 10 classes at a time for the discounted rate of $85.  Everything is done online which makes it super easy to sign up.  Some have said that it is still pretty expensive and it is, but I figure that because I eat out and go out so much less than I use to, all the money that I use to "waste" can be put toward something fun and productive! 

Stuyvesant Plaza in Albany!
 The hot yoga classes are low impact but SO intense.  By the end of the class my yoga mat is basically the equivalent of a soaked bath mat!  (I am doing my research and looking into buying a yoga towel, which is supposed to be more absorbant and stay put better than the regular beach towel I have been using.)  I usually go to the beginner class (because it is at a convenient time) but I have also gone to a couple 'advanced' classes (normally on Friday or Saturday so I can sleep in the next day) - the advanced classes are definitely tough but I am getting better and better each time.  And dude to the heat (90 - 100 degrees every session) I feel like I am getting an even better workout and sweating out every stress and toxin in my body!

Doesn't it look hot?!
Hot yoga has definitely become my new addiction and I would recommend it to anyone!

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