December 30, 2011

Rewind - My Birthday

A few weeks ago was my birthday, and my best friend Dana's birthday!  I had a pretty great birthday weekend and celebrated with a bunch of my friends over the course of the weekend.  Friday at work my friend Jessica took me out to lunch and then we celebrated back at the office with a cake!  Friday night I cooked dinner for some friends and later went out for a drink.  Saturday was hot yoga and hanging out with another friend who was back from Brooklyn.  Sunday was a pretty good day - coffee and couponing, grocery shopping and a little clothes shopping.  I ran 5 miles in 18 degree weather which despite the cold went REALLY well!  I am on track to run the half in March!

Since I am now officially 25 I started thinking ... am I where I thought I would be at 25?  And to be honest I don't know if I ever really thought about where I would or should be at this age.  I definitely feel like I am lacking in some areas - the majority of my friends are either married, engaged or on their way to being one or the other and are having children, while I am still very much single.  I have noticed that this phenomena is more of a cultural/regional thing though; many, if not all of my NY friends are single and loving life while my 'southern' friends are all 'tied down'.  But while I am still living the single life I also realized that I am definitely far more advanced in other areas than some/most 25 year olds; I have a great job that I love, an amazing apartment (sans roommate) in a nice part of town, I'm about to graduate from a Master's program without being bogged down by debt, I am getting more fit everyday, I've established myself in a new city/region that 2 years ago I knew nothing about and (for the most part) I am completely self-reliant.  So I think that I'm doing pretty well!  We'll see what year 25 will bring!        

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