December 10, 2011

Santa Speedo Race

Today I attended and worked the Santa Speedo Race on Lark Street in Albany which benefits the Damien Center and some other organizations in the Capital Region.  It was SO much fun and something that it definitely out of the ordinary!  It was about 30 degrees today so a couple hundred people running around in speedos and scantily clad outfits was quite a site.  The 'pre-race' starts at many of the local bars on Lark Street and the racers basically drink to make themselves 'less cold'.  I think the pictures explain the event better than I ever could!

His chest and back said 'It's a Wonderful Life'

Lark Street - waiting for the race to start!
Here they come!
Almost to the turn around!  The entire race is about 250 - 300 meters!

On the way back!

Gingerbread Man?  Ok!

Bringing up the rear!  Fat man and a biker!
My attire for the race.

On another note, last night I hung out with my friends Sarah and Rebecca and we went to this awesome restaurant in Troy, NY named Bacchus!  There you are able to 'design' your own pizza and pastas and this was my creation . . .

Whole wheat tri-colored pasta in a roasted garlic alfredo sauce with broccoli and bell peppers - yum!


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