December 30, 2011

Some Christmas Additions!

Christmas was great this year!  It was good to be back in Virginia for a little while and just relax at home.  I received some great additions to my apartment as well!!
The major new additions!!  Kitchenaid Mixer and Toaster Oven (and cutting board)!

Since I needed the additional counter space for the new mixer and toast oven my Mom found this great three draw stand in the basement that she was not using so it became mine and my new microwave stand!
New cutting board and silicon baking sheet (thanks Dana!)

A little creepy - yes - salt and pepper shakers from Europe!

And they hug!!

More magnets for my 'international' section thanks to Johanna's travels around Europe!

My Mom made me 'lemon' pillows!

My best friend Dana came back to Albany with me and she will be staying with me until the 4th.  Tomorrow we are headed to NYC for New Year's Eve to meet up with my college roommate Barb!  We plan on going to Time Square and Rockefeller Center earlier in the day and then we are headed to a loft party in Williamsburg, Brooklyn to ring in the New Year.  

Happy New Year Everyone!

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