June 4, 2013


And now for a post about ... eggs!  Monday was 'National Egg Day' and that got me thinking about the incredible edible egg.
You know those foods that you WISHED you liked more - because they are good for you and 'everyone else seems to like them so you should too' and they are just so darn convenient that if you did like them it may make your life just a tad bit easier.  You catch my drift - well for me that food is - eggs.  I have never been a big fan.  Growing up my mother even raised chicken!  But lately I have been trying my best to like them more and incorporate them into my 'eating lifestyle'.
You see I enjoy eggs in a general sense - 'sure I'll have some eggs' - but I never eat them solo.  I would never just munch on a hard boiled egg as a snack and I was never one to just sit down in the morning with scrambled or dippy (yes that is what we call 'over easy' or 'sunny side up' eggs where I grew up).  But I will eat eggs if they are paired with something - for example, I am all about eggs in a breakfast sandwich (everyone eats breakfast sandwiches in the Northeast - which is something I was definitely not accustomed to growing up in Virginia) or eggs with toast or hash browns but never by themselves - and never EVER with ketchup - ew.
There are other foods I should like and that I wish I enjoyed but that I simply hate, for example - tomatoes.  I hate tomatoes, cannot stand them, ew.  However, I don't have a problem with salsa, tomato sauce or other tomatoey based thing - just the fresh ones, it may be a texture thing, who knows.
So anyway, I realize that eggs are a good source of protein and can be a great addition to a diet so lately I have been trying hard to incorporate them in.  I have even gone so far as to tell myself 'yes you like eggs' - eat them!  Ways I have tried to incorporate them include eating eggs with whole wheat toast, adding hard boiled eggs to my salads (I have been doing this quite frequently) and soon I plan on attempting a delicious (hopefully) egg salad recipe.

So there is you have it - a post about eggs!

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