February 17, 2013


A lot has happened the past couple of weeks! My workouts have been hits and misses - one week I was right on target and then another week I struggled. Lent has started which means I have given up cheese so my workouts and diets have been more on track as of late (more on that later).  Here what has been going on ...

Adam celebrated his birthday! First with his family in Pittsfield, MA.
On his actual birthday (February 5th) we went out to celebrate with a bunch of friends. First stop with was the Ole English Pub & Pantry. On your birthday they give you a 'tea cup' full of beer (about 100 oz) for free!
That is one BIG tea cup!
Next we moved on to the Biergarten where on your birthday they give you a free 'boot' which about another 100 oz of liquid!

Man vs. Boot!

And done!

 Happy at the Biergarten!
So after all the birthday festivities everything calmed down and went back to normal!  Work has been busy and I am planning extensive travel for March and April - Iowa, Missouri, Western New York, Florida and New York City!
New curtains graced my living room!

We had this little snow storm called 'Nemo' - it was sort of a dud in Albany though - we only got about 6 - 8 inches!

After Nemo - the next morning!

The snow storm hit Friday night into Saturday morning - so on Sunday Adam and I decided to go snowshoeing!  Last winter I tried cross country skiing  which was a lot of fun but I had been wanting to try snow shoeing for a while!  During the summer and fall we hiked a lot and since snowshoeing is essentially hiking in the snow it seemed right up our ally!  We went to Pineridge Cross Country Ski Area which is located about 35 minutes outside of Albany.

Hiking boots strapped into snowshoes!

Here we go!

Adam snowshoeing!

Very pretty scenery!
Snowshoeing was a ton of fun!  So much so that we are contemplating  buying a pair for next season.  Hopefully it'll snow at least once more so we can go out again - fingers crossed!
I also got this wicked cool new headset for work!  It helps a ton when I am on the phone all day strategizing with different states! 

One of Adam's birthday presents were concert tickets to see Matt & Kim and Passion Pit.  The concert was really upbeat and a ton of fun!  Here is Kim of Matt & Kim booty dancing on top of the crowd!

 For Valentine's Day Adam got me an awesome French Press coffee maker! 
(As well as a book cook and a necklace!)

And through everything that has happened over the past couple of weeks - a kitty was often cuddled!

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