February 24, 2013

No Cheese & Fitness Update

It has been a week and a half without cheese and so far so good!  It has definitely been a challenge but oddly enough not THAT difficult.  Yes I have had a few cravings for mac and cheese and yes it was slightly difficult when Adam got a cheese pizza for dinner and I made fish, veggies and pasta but it's been good - I have not had one piece of cheese since lent started on Wednesday, February 13th.  

The best part of my 'no cheese' time though is that I am down 3 LBS!  Now I am pretty sure that the 3 LBS is not solely attributed to not eating cheese but in the absence of cheese I have been focusing on making healthier decisions; and furthermore it has really forced me to focus on what I am eating.  For instance, yesterday we went to Manchester, VT and went out to lunch - the only place that was open at that time of day (around 2:30 PM) was a pizza and pasta shop; they offered to go elsewhere but I said that no, this place would be fine.  I considered the menu for a long time and asked numerous questions of the girl behind the counter - she may or may not have had to go back and ask the chef more than once if cheese was in a certain dish.  I contemplated a sub but to me subs just aren't the same without cheese (not yet at least), then I thought pesto pasta would be a winner but no, that dish had cheese in the sauce as well.  I ended up getting a chicken caesar salad with no cheese and a non-creamy caesar style dressing.  It was a small victory but I was so proud of myself!  Later that night I took the extra time and made pasta with veggies and a piece of fish - another victory!

The true test of my no cheese stand will come when I begin traveling next week.  Starting next week I travel to Des Moines and Davenport, Iowa, then the following week I am in Orlando, Florida for the week followed by a stint in western New York, Springfield, Missouri and Connecticut.  Since we will be on our own for all our meals I think one of my strategies will be to bring/buy groceries and 'eat-in' for breakfast and lunch.  This plan will also save me a ton of money and make my perdieum check even larger!

And with that here is my fitness schedule for the upcoming week!

Workout Schedule for February 24 - March 2, 2013
Sunday: 45 Minute Incline/Speed Treadmill Workout 
Monday: Spin Class at VENT Fitness
Tuesday: TBD - Treadmill Workout
Wednesday: Spin Class at VENT Fitness
Thursday: Insanity DVD or Hotel Gym Workout (Des Moines, Iowa)
Friday: Insanity DVD or Hotel Gym Workout (Davenport, Iowa)
Saturday: REST 

Happy Sunday!  On tonight's menu beef stroganoff!  I'll be sure to blog about that and other recipes I have attempted soon!

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