June 11, 2013

Haystack Mountain - Vermont

Last Sunday we headed up to Vermont to hike Haystack Mountain.  Haystack is located in the town Wilmington, VT which is about 20 miles outside of Bennington, VT and about an hour and a half from Albany.  Haystack didn't appear to be that tough of a mountain but afterwards I definitely felt like I had gotten a good workout!  The hike was approximately three hours round trip and ended with an awesome view of Southern Vermont!  What made the hike challenging was all the rain we had had that past week - the trail was soggy!  There were portions of the trail that were straight mud and looked like a swamp and to make matters worse there were TONS of bugs!  Once we made it through a couple of muddy spots though it wasn't nearly as bad; although on the way down my boot did get completely dunked in a mud pit - so much so that the mud went over the top of my boot and into my sock - gross!  Luckily it was on the way down but by the end of the hike my lower legs pretty much looked like I had been attacked by a mud monster. 

Vermont is pretty much one of my favorite places ever and I love hiking there!  I dream about one day owning a cabin in the woods in Vermont.  So, here are some pictures from the top of the Haystack Mountain! 

Top of Haystack Mountain looking toward Southern Vermont/Massachusettes

 Adam taking pictures of the view.

Elise with the mouatin/river in the background!
Me on the top of Haystack Mountain!

Another mountain conquered!
Check out that view!  I love this picture!

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