June 13, 2013

Currently (Part II)

Back in January I wrote a post entitled 'Currently' where I discussed what was going on in my life - what I was listening to, reading, watching on TV and looking forward to.   I got some feedback from people saying that the really enjoyed the post so I figured I would try to do it on a more regular basis!  So here is an updated 'Currently' post with a few more categories! 

Loving: To be honest - F.I.T. Bootcamp, which is a serious problem and may present a big financial dilemma at the end of this week (more on that later).  I'm also loving that it is summer, depsite the insane amount of rain we have been getting.  I'm excited for work travel to start up again next week (NYC) and for our vacation to New Hampshire in two weeks.

Listening:  NPR (hoo-ray for the fund drive being over) and whatever happens to be on the radio at the moment.  During the summer I also tend to start listening to a lot more country music.
Reading:  After plowing through a couple of books my reading has slowed a bit, however with work travel beginning to pick back up I'm sure I'll be reading more as well.  Right now I am about 100 pages into Gillian Flynn's Dark Places which is off to a good start.
Watching:  True Blood starts back up this weekend, woo-hoo!  And even though the show is completely silly and not nearly as good as it was when it started I'll still watch it.  In mid-July The Newsroom returns and I am pretty pumped about that.  And as always I continue to watch every season of Real Housewives that is currently airing - right now it is Orange County and New Jersey (my favorite). 
Thinking About:  As always - fitness and work but this time I will include meal planning, summer activities and plans for the fall!
Stressing About:  How I am going to make it work if I want to continue with F.I.T. Bootcamp and certain aspects of upcoming work travel but overall that is about it!
Looking forward to:  Vacation!  We are going to Hampton, New Hampshire for two nights and staying at an aborable bed and breakfast that is located only 1/2 mile from the ocean.  Hampton is also located near the White Mountains and we are planning on hiking one day.  After our two nights in Hampton we'll head up to Portland, Maine for a night and explore the town (L.L. Bean flagship store anyone?).  After our mini-vacation I'm looking forward to a long 4th of July weekend, my work trip/second mini-vacation to Washington, D.C./Baltimore toward the end of July and then upcoming work travel to Springfield, IL - El Paso, TX - Fayetteville, AR - Jackson, MS and a bunch of places throughout NYS.
Favorite/New Dinners or Recipes:  Despite not writing many recipe posts lately, I have been cooking quite a bit!  Twice now Adam has made fish sandwiches with spicy pineapple slaw and they are to die for - I can't wait until he makes them again!  I also made some pretty awesome chili mac last night and have what I hope will be a stellar chicken, pesto, goat cheese sandwich on the menu for tomorrow!

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