June 10, 2013

Weekly Meal Plan + More

It is going to be a BUSY week!  Next week I start traveling again for work and will be in NYC for half the week, so I am working to prep and wrap up things at the office before heading out on Sunday.  This week I am also taking advantage of a free week at F.I.T. Boot Camp in Albany.  My neighbor Jamie is a member there and has been encouraging me to give it a try, so when the opportunity for a free week was presented to me I said - yes!  I am pretty nervous about it because I have heard that boot camp completely kicks your ass, but I am willing to give it a try!
Now on to this week's meals - I'm not sure how long I will continue to actually post our meal plans for the week but at this point I still get really excited and begin searching my recipe list and thumbing through the grocery store circulars early Sunday morning.  Last week's meal plan was pretty much a success (I forgot a few things for some of the meals which meant I had to make a few little trips to the grocery store) so my goal is for this week to be even more organized!

Weekly Meal Plan
Fish Sandwich w/Spicy Cole Slaw
Buffalo Chicken Wrap w/Sweet Potato Fries & Veggis
On Own/Sushi Night w/the Girls
Chili Mac w/Green Beans
On Own/Dinner with my friend Jamie
Goat Cheese Chicken Pesto Sandwich w/Steak Fries & Veggie
Crock Post Chicken & Broccoli over Rice
Here is a preview of the hike we did this past weekend - Haystack Mountain in Vermont! 
More on the hike later!
Gorgeous view!

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