February 21, 2012

Week > Abby

I started off this week thinking that I was going to kick butt - but as it turns out this week is kicking my ass - and it's only Tuesday!  

Case and point.
Wearing my glasses to work (which I very rarely do)

Title of the current project I am working on (don't worry it'll definitely be removed but it is just my general feeling toward writing policy/procedure right now)

And I am on about my third cup this morning

Oh and in case anyone was wondering - I went from a nice spacious cube with huge windows and a nice view to a basement office that I share with many other people.  (I lovingly call it the dungeon - mine is on the right.)

This past weekend there were two events that benefited The Albany Damien Center - both were a lot of fun but they caused me to feel like I didn't have much of a weekend - which I am sure is contributing to my sluggish nature this week.  Saturday was the Mardi Gras Pub Crawl on Lark Street to benefit ASAP and PAWS.  I worked the registration table and got a bunch of free stuff.  We were also able to judge for 'Best Team Name' - the winners were 'So Aside From That Mr. Lincoln Did You Enjoy The Play' and 'It Should Have Been Bobby Brown'.  Sunday was the 2nd annual Bowling for Paws event at a bowling alley in downtown Albany.  It was a ton of fun and raised a lot of money for PAWS.  For someone who has little to no bowling skills I ended up bowling six strikes in the first game including a turkey!  My team also won for 'Best Team Name' (I Can't Believe Its Not Gutter) which means I got to take home a mug, some wine and two movie tickets!  All in all a pretty fabulous yet tiring weekend.

Oh and for Lent this year I am giving up soda - wish me luck!! 

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