February 16, 2012

Sights from Working in Downtown Albany

I have been working at The Albany Damien Center for nearly two weeks now and everything is still going really well!  I have been doing lots of reading and research and today I'll be attending an HMIS training (Homeless Management Information System).  It's amazing that even though I have been working with 'marginalized' populations for a while now how little I seem to know about PLWA/H - it has been really interesting to do the research and speak with the members.  The only downside of the job at this point is that I share an office (a very small office) with about fifteen people (working at various times throughout the day) and a desk with about five - and the computer is about as slow as molasses rolling uphill.  Luckily I will be getting a lap top within the next couple of weeks and I have the ability to work remotely. 

Picture time!
New work digs - Sun Spot Cafe
Some pretty awesome soup I had while working at the cafe
(There's my car - alive and well - parked on the street)
Anyone see anything slightly creepy going on with this sign?  (i.e. the website)
The Albany Damien Center!  As you can see - it is quite literally - a house.
And in honor of Valentine's Day I made a couple of things for the ADC members!
Devil's food chocolate cupcakes with pink vanilla icing!

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