February 11, 2012


Happy Weekend!

Today I decided to take advantage of some of the gift cards that my former co-workers gave me on my last day of work at NPCS.  I looked around The Different Drummer's Kitchen Co. for about forty-five minutes until getting completely overwhelmed and going to my eyebrow waxing appointment next door (which was also paid for thanks to the generous gift cards).  After the appointment I went back and decided what to buy!

 A knife sharpener (which I have needed for quite some time) and a set of knives!

Olive Oil dispenser thingy

And quite possibly one of the coolest things ever!  I figured it was an investment and oh the pancake making opportunities!  It fits right over the burner and makes silver dollar pancakes!

Now I love to make pancakes or french toast on Saturday or Sunday mornings but I always end up with extra batter because I don't need to use it all - so I came up with an awesome idea!  I took an empty (and clean) 'Coffee Mate' creamer bottle and peeled off the label; then I mixed up some pancake batter and poured it in the bottle.  Now I can make pancakes whenever I want and don't have to worry about excess batter!  There is a strong possibility that I may be making silver dollar pancakes tomorrow morning!

I also decided that since I have some new fancy knives that I needed to organize my knife draw - I ended up buying a 'holder' at Target, as well as a few other things - I mean it's Target, you can never go in there and just buy one thing.

This past week I also registered for the Pedaling Toward the Pink Cure indoor cycling event on St. Patrick's Day weekend at the College of St. Rose!  The race raises money for cancer research, cancer survivors as well as the local children's hospital.  The event pulls all the indoor cycling bikes from the four Gold's Gyms in the area and places them in the gymnasium at St. Rose.  Then you ride in teams or as an individual (I am riding with the 'Early Birds' because a bunch of us as well as our instructor from the 5:45 AM class is participating) for as many hours as you like - fundraising a minimum of $25 for every hour!  I wasn't able to participate last year so I am super excited to be able to do this year - I have heard it's an awesome event! 

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